Same-day dishwasher repair of all well known brands. Such as built in, portable, dishdrawer and countertop.Convenient scheduling online and by text message.

Free service call with any dishwasher repair.


Same-day dishwasher repair of all well known brands. Such as built in, portable, dishdrawer and countertop.Convenient scheduling online and by text message.

Free service call with any stove or oven repair.

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Your dishwasher is essential to keeping your kitchen clean; keeping your dishes clean can often lead to significant challenges if you end up with a broken dishwasher. Dishwashers helped make your life easier in the kitchen and make tasks more straightforward and more convenient, but if it's broken, you won't be able to do anything that you usually do with the dishwasher. 
Dishwashers do happen to break, and it's scarce that it does, but getting it repaired is essential. You don't want to hand wash everything and clean up constant messes from damaged within your dishwasher, so contact us today, and we will come to fix your dishwasher as soon as we can.

Here are the common frequently encountered dishwasher problems that you might experience in your home:

Any of these can produce a significant odor to your house. That's why you should take care of them as soon as you possibly can. Most modern dishwashers will often display an error code that will help you figure out the problem. Unfortunately, while many people can see the error code, they might not know what it means. Professionals can help you take care of the problem, and that's why you should call the Real Appliance Repair team to help you get your appliances back in order.
Additionally, we will also discuss whether you might need to replace your dishwasher. Something will often break, or an error code will appear that likely determines whether we can repair your dishwasher. If it needs to be repaired, we will perform the requirements.

Simply give our team a call,

When you dial our number, you will chat with our fantastic customer service team. We will make sure to get all the information we need and schedule you for a convenient time. Then, our technicians will arrive on-site and get the job done. We look forward to helping you repair your appliance and get your kitchen back in working order!

What Customers Say About C.P.S. Appliances

Kate Kotyleva
Kate Kotyleva
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Was really impressed with the service. My dryer was broken and Needed a new part. The technician was very polite, found the part quickly (faster than they originally said they will get the part) and did an amazing job repairing my dryer in no time.
Milena Gulevskaya
Milena Gulevskaya
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I will always contact Real Appliance Repair whenever I have problems with my other home appliances. They have great service, fair prices, and act in a professional and kind manner. I highly recommend.

Fix The Dishwasher no matter the brand

Same-day dishwasher repair of all brands

However, if you need to buy a new one, we will help you find the best fit for your kitchen, and our service technicians will help you figure out a cost-effective solution for your situation. Call us today at (416)-707-0505 to find out more about how we can help you and get your dishwasher started and working like new.


Fix Dishwasher no matter the brand

Same-day Licensed Repair of All Appliance Brands

Our team of trusted technicians service all major household appliances, including dishwashers, washers, driers, stoves, ovens, fridges, range hoods, microwaves and more. We understand your frustration when an appliance stops working as it should. We appreciate the time and money lost when fridges don’t keep your food cool and washing machines don’t make your clothes clean. We’re here to help resolve any problems you may encounter, quickly, efficiently and with competitive pricing.

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